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The synergy between Brand Strategy + Visual Brand Design serves as the foundation of your business's success. Your brand isn't just a logo or a website; it's the identity that embodies your vision, values, and uniqueness in your industry.

Crafting an effective and impactful Brand Strategy + Design blueprint cultivates a strong connection with your audience and sets you apart in a competitive landscape. As a creative entrepreneur, your brand and web design aren't just tools – they're a canvas through which your passion and creativity shine, fostering recognition, trust, and lasting relationships with your audience.



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Step 01.

Imagine your brand as a canvas, and brand strategy as your artistic guide. It's not just colors and fonts, it's the soul of your business. With a strategic touch, your brand becomes unforgettable, standing tall in the bustling market.

Unleash the power of brand strategy: Your unique essence captured in every pixel and word. It's your anthem, your style, woven into a symphony that resonates with your tribe. As a creative entrepreneur, this is your secret weapon to conquer the hearts of your audience. Let your brand strategy be the lighthouse guiding you through the waves of entrepreneurship, lighting up the path to success.

Unlike brand design, where colors and logos shine, brand strategy is the blueprint for your story. It's the heart that guides every artistic choice, carving your niche in the world. And guess what? Your unique strategy is your superpower to attract your tribe and clients who adore your creative genius.

Imagine owning a brand that's not just pretty but a powerhouse – a magnet for dream clients who resonate with your vision. With the right brand strategy, your creativity shines, your business thrives, and you're unstoppable. Let's dive in and make your creative journey an empowering success!




Website Design

Imagine every element – colors, fonts, imagery – dancing together in perfect harmony. That's your visual brand identity, a true reflection of your creative essence.

It's not just pretty visuals; it's your voice in the visual world. When your audience sees those elegant shades and graceful fonts, they instantly feel your presence. As a creative entrepreneur, this is your canvas to tell your empowering story, beautifully and confidently.

Different from brand strategy – which is the heart and soul of your business – visual brand identity design is like the radiant attire that showcases your essence. And guess what? When you align this visual symphony with your brand strategy, magic happens. It's the irresistible allure that draws in clients who resonate with your vision. Let's paint your success story with the perfect blend of strategy and style.

step 02.

What's Included:  

Web Development & Design

Discovery Call + Questionnaire
Website strategy and content outline planner
Design mockups with 2 rounds of refinements:


Designed on mobile to be optimized for phone, tablet etc.
Basic SEO Optimization

Development of 10 pages that may include:


Launch Day Action Plan
Launch Day Checklist

Brand Manual
Showit Training Video
WordPress Training Video
Launch Day Action Plan
Small Business Resource Library


Social Media Canva Templates Included 
Newsletter Integration  


   + Home
   + About
   + Services
   + Contact/FAQ
   + Gallery/Portfolio
   + Sales Page
   + Client Portal
   + Shop/product

  + Resources/favorites  
  + Blog/Podcast 
   + Single blog post
   + Blog category
   + Coming soon 
   + Instagram links
   + 404 page
   + Legal 

+ SEO Tags for Photography
+ SEO Tags for Copywriting
+ SEO Page Titles
+ SEO Page Descriptions

  + Home
  + About
  + Services
  + Blog/Podcast -single post page

+ Showit5
+ Squarespace
+ Wordpress
+ Shopify
+ Webflow

We currently create shops for Showit, Sqaurespace + Shopify. Ask us for details and a custom quote.

platforms offered: 

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4-month payment plan

pay in full

2-month payment plan

4 payments of $2312 per month

2 payments of $4500 per month

1 Payment of $8750

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Our                & Timeline


Every project kicks off by developing a strategy that will work well with you business. The discovery process allows us to understand your brand messaging, your audience, and your story. 

Once you've booked your project, you'll get a welcome guide and project details. You'll also get questionnaire(s) based and a short list of items needed before we can officially begin our project.  We will then have a strategy call to kickoff the project.

Now we start to bring the brand to life through visuals. I'll take everything we gathered in the discovery and strategy phases to put together the visual identity of your brand.

You will be presented with a brand concept with all the elements ( colors, fonts, logos) that shows how your entire brand will come together. 

Your brand strategy is the blueprint that guides your business. It also serves as a foundation as we move through the rest of our process. We will refer back to this guide often as we focus on where you want your business in the future. 

We will look at what your biggest goals are and create a plan of action to reach those goals through branding.

Once everything is complete and we've gone over every little detail, we will launch your new brand and website. We will support you every step of the way to make sure your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. 

All clients get a comprehensive off-boarding package to include social media templates that includes tutorials, guides and access to resources to support you beyond our time together.

01. discovery

02. brand strategy

03. brand strategy

04. launch + support

Just the FAQ

Included in the template customization, we will configure the site, color, and font settings, add your content and images to the template pages, make minor changes to page layouts and canvases to align with your content and brand aesthetic, add your social media links and embed your current newsletter form.

Showit is a drag and drop website building platform. No coding knowledge is necessary and despite some learning curve, if you're familiar with other drag-and-drop tools like Canva or Adobe tools, you'll feel right at home.

There are 3 tiers of Showit subscription that are dependent on your needs. You can see more about their pricing and what's included in each plan here.

You can easily transfer your old blog to Showit from a different platform. Once your new website is set up on your account, Showit will help migrate old blog content to your new site.
Learn more about this process here.

Customizing your website template will take approx. 2-3 weeks as long as communication between us is steady during that time. We typically book projects with a couple of weeks lead time to give you time to complete your prep work. You will also need to account for 3-5 days for blog setup or migration and domain connection with Showit before your site is live.

You will get access to the resources that come with your template – template-specific copy guide, website strategy guide, content writing guide, image guide, launch kit and other resources we provide. You also have access to the 1:1 support with us for site as well as tutorials for using Showit.

We do prefer to work with ID templates because we know they are up to our standards. But we can also customize templates from Northfolk or Tonic if needed you already have one purchased on a case to case basis.

To ensure that you have all the pieces ready to go for your template customization, you are required to provide brand assets like logos, color palettes, and font licenses. If you don't have any specific brand assets in place, you can check out our semi-custom brand kits. We can also provide a text-based logo. We also require that you have all professional quality branded or stock images sized, optimized, and named correctly along with all content written, edited, and ready to implement before the project begins. We provide you with checklist to help with both of these things so you know exactly what you need to do.

If you need more pages or integrations in addition to the ones provided with the template, we can add on some custom page design as needed. If you need custom pages we will quote those for you when you inquire about a template customization.

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